Best Bars in London – uVibe App – updated 2019

Ever wonder where you can find the best atmosphere, best service and most important the best drinks in London? Check out our list with the best bars in London. This summer will be lit!

1. Bar Three

Bar Three is an elegant, minimalistic and modern bar owned by two brothers that are also bartenders. The colors the rooms are painted in makes it very easy for one to relax, hence people are spending a good amount of time there. That being said, the drinks are also delicious. The service is amazing, the staff is very attentive and giving a lot of recommendations. You can choose from virgin, light, medium or full alcoholic drinks and the price range is from 6 – 10 GBP. Watching the bartenders prepare your drinks is an absolute delight. So, if you are in the mood for some drinks and a little chit-chat with your friends, Bar Three is the place for you.

2. Trailer Happiness

Trailer Happiness is another one of the best bars in London. The bar has an American sixties vibe to it. The staff will do everything possible for you to have a good time and enjoy your visit. Also, they will make sure you get enough details about the menu so you can order the perfect drink. Music wise there is a tendency to play vintage music, more specific from the 60s as mentioned before about the vibe the bar has. The bar can hold wider groups as well. During the week there might be some moments when the bar is crowded but you should be fine without booking a table. Enjoy!

3. Fam

The name of the bar comes from the fact that it is a family business. The bar is full of pictures of people who go in there to have a drink with the staff or with their friends. The bar is located in a central London spot, the service there is great, very dedicated bartenders and the drinks they make are absolutely incredible. The atmosphere of the place is very cozy and homey, goes very well with the name its been given. Finally, the prices of the drinks are ok, the regular you can expect for London. Overall it is a nice place to go out and enjoy a few well-done cocktails.

4. Satan’s Whiskers

Now, Satan’s Whiskers is the most unusual one on this list. It might seem very weird looking from the outside, and kinda like the name suggests, a little piece of hell, but in a good way. All those impressions go away as soon as you go inside. You’ll find a very interesting looking bar, with hip-hop music on the stereo, some vintage French posters. So yeah, don’t get fooled by the appearances. Here you will find some of the best cocktails you can find in the east of London, more specific in Bethnal Green. The fun fact about this bar is that their cocktails list changes every day. So, no matter when you go there you have plenty to choose from so you are in for a very good time.

5. Lyaness

And the list concludes with Lyaness bar – a very classy looking bar, in shades of blue, very cozy and futuristic. The bar takes pride mainly for its design but also for its amazing drink menu. You will find here some really delicious and original cocktails. It is always best to let your product do the talking for you and for this bar it really shows. Lastly, if you will cross the treshhold of this bar you are in for a good time for sure. Relax, enjoy the stmosphere and some delicious drinks here. Cheers!

Finally, make sure to let us know what you think about the best bars in London, down in the comments section. Also, if you’re in London or planning to visit London check out our other article about the best clubs in London.

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