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Are you craving for a delicious feast in the UK capital? After arduous investigation across London avenues, we have discovered a few must-visit culinary gems. Check out the best brunch spots in town.

Brunch has fit in the English cultural landscape for good. You don’t need to be an attentive observer to see long queues in restaurants around the noon time. Thousands of tourists and locals come there to fulfill the brunch tradition and, in the main, satisfy their taste buds in the city’s venues. Now it is your turn to explore the best of London’s brunch spots!


This tiny resaturant in Fritzovia serves traditional homey Middle Eastern food. Its Israeli owners care about preparing dishes made out of the best ingredients, ones they used to see in their family houses. Inside, you will smell lots of cakes, exotic jams and breads on the counter, lamb roasting in the oven, salads, and specialities with tahini 🤤. You can’t omit its spinachy shaksuka, served with goat yoghurt and sesame bread.

Honey & Co, London
green shashuka


Rovi is a perfect place for enthusiasts of vegetarian cuisine and seasonal dishes. This spacious, full of oak furniture and natural light restaurant, is all about cooking on open fire, vegetables and fermentation. Indulge in smoked carrots with puffed black barley, roasted sweet potato with spicy pumpkin seeds and its delicious Dutch baby pancakes. At the top of that, Rovi strives for reducing waste as much as possible. Would you guess, that its chilli top and tomato skin vinegar are made with leftover wine?

ROVI, London

The Good Egg

The Good Egg, London

The unique menu of The Good Egg was inspired by the owners’ travels to California, Montreal, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Enjoy the aromas of marinated aubergine cooked with tahini and pine nuts flowing around. Its rich breakfast and brunch menu includes deep-fried halloumi cooked with honey and thyme. Don’t forget to try its famous babka!

STK London

Once you enter STK London, you might be wondering if you ended up in in a restaurant or a Saint Tropez night club. Not only the down-lighting of the interior is there to create the one-of-a-kind vibe, but the menu itself also appears as a postitive surprise. It revolves around grass-fed tomahawk, crab crust on a bed of cale, smoked aubergine purée with a light tenderstem, quinoa salad and much more. Along with the above, STK takes pride in its Junk Chalice, crazy combination of marshmellows, popcorn, ice cream and whipped cream.😵

STK London

Sumosan Twiga

If you are a fan of unusual mix, Sumosan Twiga is the right place for you. Its menu combines the best of Western and Eastern worlds, serving Italian and Japanese delicacies. The restaurant delights customers with its outstanding dishes, including: smoked eel, California rolls and so called ‘Black Miso Cod’ from the Japanese menu. An unquestionable culinary gem in London.

Sumosan Twiga, London
Sushi at Sumosan Twiga

Milk Beach

Milk Beach, London

Antipodean paradise in the middle of the capital? Now it became possible. Milk Beach will surprise you from the very entrance with its chalky white interior, vintage furnishings and space full of light. The café attracts those who share love for coffee, brunches and organic wine. Induge in mouthwatering coddled eggs in a jar with cream and sweet potato purée, sea salt and chives, served with sourdough soldiers; and Granny Elly’s banana bread with espresso cream cheese on the side.

Swan, Shakespeare’s Globe

Swan, London

Classical British food combined with a French twist🤩 Located in the iconic Shakespeare’s Globe, Swan is an ideal venue for brunch enthusiasts. You can be sure, its rich menu won’t let you down. Enjoy delicacies from bacon served in buttery brioche buns through homemade spicy beans, ending on its specialty, black pudding.

Hope you enjoyed to read about the best brunch spots in London. Let us know down in the comments section.

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