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Curious about the London nightlife? Well, check out our favorite clubs in the extravagant UK capital. Down below you will find a list with what we think are the best clubs in London and you shouldn’t miss the chance of visiting them. Let us know what you think down in the comments section.

1. Fabric

Are you ready to have some fun? Well then you are in the right place! Fabric is one of the nicest clubs in London and the place where you can find a party for everybody. 

Each month, two Fridays are for parties that focus on bass so that’s the place for the lovers of d’n’b, dubstep and more; the other two Fridays focus more on techno, disco, and house.

Saturdays there are more techno and electro vibes rather than disco and on Sundays, it’s usually a mix of house and techno. Some of the best DJ’s are playing here, for example, names like Carl Cox or Ricardo Villalobos.

It’s best to buy tickets in advance to avoid paying a higher price for them, so make sure you’ll do that. Parties go as long as 7 a.m on Fridays and around 5 a.m. The dress code is casual, so just go have a good time while visiting London and party on!

,, Amazing club! A bit pricey but OK. The only negative it’s that it feels like a maze at the beginning, so check out a night that has music you like and you will not get disappointed! Also, the sound system is fantastic!”

Martin Aberg

,, So, from security to coat check and bartenders the service was excellent. Also, the sound system was fantastic and this was an amazing place for a few Canadians to spend New Years.”

Brett Innis

2. Xoyo

Welcome to Xoyo! Another one of London’s best clubs to party, and party hard.

Music wise, Xoyo is very varied so they can basically match every taste out there. Electro, techno, house, disco, hip hop and more can be heard and enjoyed by its visitors so you are in for a good treat.

Ticket wise, it is definitely best to buy them as early as you can to avoid paying a higher price at the door. The club stays open until around 4 a.m. The sound system is amazing and the dress code is relaxed, so grab your buddies and go have an amazing night out in London.

,, It’s a great dance club! Downstairs packed, but the green room upstairs was just perfect. Also, amazing lights, quality of sound, amazing DJ set. The bouncers were very professional, not intrusive but paying a lot of attention and helpful.”

Pawel Saul

,, Went with my girl for her birthday and the party was good, dance floor was good but could do with more rooms.”

Roxana Ashfield

3. Heaven

Heaven is the most famous gay club in the UK capital, but that is not the only reason why it is one of the best clubs in London.

They organize special events like Popcorn night each Monday and the place can fit more than 1000 people. You can also find live music there and it is a plus that Heaven is a central club. So, go check it out and you will have a blast!

,, I’ve been coming to heaven for 5 years and as a straight woman, I’ve never felt so much freedom and happiness in one club! A mixture of all sexualities, genders, races, and nationalities, but I never see anyone arguing or fighting, everyone just having a great time dancing and being free. such a fantastic club!!”

Ella R

4. Cargo

Welcome to Cargo! Now, this is one of the clubs that has an event usually every day of the week so even if you arrive, let’s say, in the middle of the week, you still have something to do.

Cargo is a nice venue in Shoreditch, east London that offers a bar, club, restaurant, and an outdoor terrace. Music wise here you can find live music usually at the beginning of the night and later on the club vibrates on house, techno, and electro.

Ticket wise, if you book them in advance the price is lower, but also they run offers pretty often so it is always best to check their website. Sometimes they even offer free tickets during the weekend. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? So grab your friends and go have some fun!

,, Wanted to book a table for a birthday night out and I just wanted to see how to do it. But, the person I spoke to was really friendly and was even to let me know of their awesome deals and ensured there were enough Drinks for everyone! Really helpful!”

Chris Manalo

5. Printworks London

So, we finish our list with Printworks London. Now, this is another multi-purpose venue that offers a very large and private gated land and i8t consists in total of 6 event spaces and has a capacity of over 6k people.

Here you can enjoy live music and regular club music like techno, electro, house and so on. Also, their playlist is available on Apple Music. All the events are listed on their website and you can also buy tickets there. Keep in mind that tickets are cheaper if booked in advance so don’t forget to do that. Then again, the ambiance and the design are amazing. Don’t miss out!

,, My fav club venue in London. As close to the Berlin vibe as I’ve experienced in London. Best yet: it’s easy to find a spot with good sound no matter how crowded the gig. Plus there’s tasty drinks and food available for the times between the dancing.”

Simon Chester

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