Best coffee shops in Amsterdam – uVibe App 2019

No matter if you are a keen coffee lover or a tourist seeking for a legal high, on Amsterdam coffee shop scene everyone can find a vibe for themselves! We have researched and selected for you the best venues for caffeine or green spree in Venice of the North. Check out the best coffee shops in town!


First things first

Damkring, also known around locals as “Amsterdam” gained its brand as one of the best and most popular coffee shops in the capital. That happened thanks to its décor, intriguing atmosphere and delicious coffee. Since the first second after entering the place, you get astonished by the art and color all around. Wooden tables, abstract textures, and unusual lights complete the overall psychedelic-style interior.

Best coffee shops in Amsterdam

Dampkring has gained a good reputation by selling quality cannabis. The coffee shop takes pride in its most extensive cannabis menus in the city. The marijuana products are sold at the back of the shop, where you can find a counter and display of their goods. If you don’t feel like cannabis spree, you can stick to its wide range of coffees, soft drinks, teas, and juices.

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With its outstanding hippie vibe and a name adopted from ancient history, Abraxas has become one of the mainstays of Amsterdam’s coffee shop scene. The hand-crafted mosaics decorating the walls and floors painted in warm colors create its relaxed friendly vibe.

Regarding offerings, there is both a weed and a beverage bar. Depending on preferences, you can either enjoy weed, hash or herbal smoking mixtures or go for delicious coffees, hot chocolates, juices as well as cakes and other treats.


If you want to preserve memories from the Amsterdam coffee shop scene, you can drop by its nearby souvenir shop. There you can buy bags and Abraxas T-shirts as well as grinders, pipes, bongs, stash boxes, seeds, and other smoking accessories.

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Coffeeshop Smokey

Coffeeshop Smokey is one of those spots in Amsterdam which fill up very quickly with great number of tourists and local students. It is way more cautious than the rest of the coffee shops in the area. Be ready to have your bag checked at the entrance and bring your ID.

Best coffee shops
Neon lights on the sign of the Smokey Coffeeshop where taking and smoking drugs like marijuana is legal in Rembrandtplein in Amsterdam, Holland

Ironically to its given name, the inside of Coffeeshop Smokey is a tobacco-free zone. Nevertheless, you can enjoy a wide variety of drinks starting from nutritious healthy juices ending by special Marihuana teas.

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The Bulldog

Must-visit venue in the popular Amsterdam zone of Leidseplein square, a top spot among the city’s main touristic attractions. The place attracts tons of tourists and celebrities such as Snoop Dogg yearly.

A bit of history

The Bulldog surprises since the very first moment after entering. Customers from all over the world leave messages and reviews on own paper currency. So be ready to see much money all over the place serving as decorations and countless bills with notes hanging from the ceiling.

What is more, the owners decided to preserve the history of the building, which initially served as a jail and a police station. As a result, there is a special section at the back of the bar where you can enjoy your drink in a jail cell-like space full of photos of the most brutal criminals in the country.

Best coffee shops

The Bulldog can make your entire night, if you wander around both the coffee shop side of the venue and a pub version.
Grabbing a flavorful drink at the bar and then getting high in a jail cell sounds fun enough for a Friday night out with friends in the capital.

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Baba Coffeeshop fits neatly to the surroundings it is located by. The venue features Eastern theme, which is expected after hearing its original foreign-sounding name.

The venue dazzles with a lively vibe and hip hop/electronic dance music inside. One can take their drink and relax on the couches at the back or observe interesting characters passing by on Warmoesstraat through the windows at the front of Baba.

The menu revolves around hash, weed and tobacco, while the prices lean towards the expensive side, as it’s expected from a Red Light District coffee shop.

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Which one of the coffee shops above seems to have the best vibe for you? Do you know any other worth-visiting Amsterdam coffee shop venue? Share it with others in the comments section below!😎

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Please note that this information is provided with the intent to get you an idea about best coffee shop venues in Amsterdam. It should not be considered to promote the use of cannabis.

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