Best pubs in Berlin

There is nothing better than a perfect drink pre- or post-clubbing in a venue teeming with your favorite vibe. Check out the list of the most interesting places with best beer and cocktails pouring around in the German capital!

Roses Bar

Roses is one of those venues in the capital which send out the essence of Berlin’s liberal vibe. Once you enter the pub, you will be sure that it’s a place like no other. The space is full of fluffy pink ornaments, colorful lights, glitter decorations and plush walls, which creates decor which could be called original or kitsch by some. No wonder the place attracts people on the edge of a sexuality spectrum. There is no space for prejudice.

Pink fluffy walls in Roses, one of the Berlin’s LGBT clubs

Even though the bar at Roses is tiny, it always stays full. You can enjoy a wide array of drinks and non-stop played energetic music. You can be sure it is a worth-visit spot on the pubs scene in Berlin at least for the sake of its originality.

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Prinzipal Kreuzberg

Called Berlin’s answer to the Moulin Rouge, Prinzipal Kreuzberg is the paradise for those craving for a Saturday full of debauchery, alcohol and smoke. It is located in the hippest district of Berlin, Krauzberg. You can expect hot bartenders mixing coctails in their tight corsets and a sensual show around 11pm when burlesque dancers take over the stage.

Prinzipal Kreuzberg, Berlin
Prinzipal Kreuzberg, called Berlin’s answer to the Moulin Rouge

The venue can take pride is its innovative cocktails menu, which was created and named inspired by popular burlesque dancers. Would you say “no” to a Date With Dita on Saturday night?

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The Clash

The spacious interior of the Clash gets crammed full each week with punk-metal lovers and local youth. The pub offers good drinks in affordable prices, what brings local youth in like a magnet. When it gets warmer, The Clash opens its beer garden, where you can relish your favorite booze.

The Clash, Berlin
The clash is a mainstay for punk-metal enthusiasts in Berlin

Apart from being a place where one gets a pint of good beer, it is also a remarkable entertainment spot filled with people playing pool and debating vigorously. On the top of that, you can attend live concerts of best local bands rocking the Clash’s stage during weekends.

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John Muir

The authentic Brooklyn vibe in the middle of Kreuzberg. Could it sound more intriguing? Named after a famous American naturalist, conservationist and author, the venue stands out on the Berlin’s pub scene with its Brooklyn slant. You will be given the characteristic New York district vibe once you see the interior full of chalk boards, raw furnishings and brick walls all around.

John Muir, Berlin
Raw brickwork and chalk boards inside John Muir

Regarding drinks, you can enjoy its diverse cocktails menu, which changes each season. Take a particular notice on the autumn menu, where you can find cocktails made out of original ingredients such as beetroot juice or pumpkin puree. Now, that is the place for a real explorer of tastes.

On the top of that, the venue is especially appealing for fans of electronic music out there. All owing to frequent concerts of big-name DJs playing on the John Muir’s stage.

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Victoria Bar

Once you enter Victoria Bar, you can be sure that you ended up in a one-of-a-kind spot. The interior dazzles with luxury and sublime style. You will feel the spirit of 20s flowing around the place thanks to dark wood panelling, leather couches and contemporary art hanging on the walls. No suprise, it has just been granted an award for the best interior design.

Victoria Bar, Berlin
Staff at Victoria Bar ready to improvise on a customer’s request

Victoria Bar is a perfect venue for those who can appreciate quality jazz, soul and reggae playing in the background. Its broad and diverse menu offers the top of champaign cocktails including Prince of Wales or Hemingway Sour. Take advantage of its happy hours running from 6.30 to 9.30! Sounds like a recipe for a great night, huh?

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Have you been to one of the spots? Which pubs in Berlin would you recommend? Let others know it the comments section below 😎!

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